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The Vision of KisP

KisP was established in 2009 and creating works of beauty and expression ever since. Founded in NH and MA, KisP has its roots on the East Coast. Plain and simple, we make clothing with meaning. Founded upon ambition, passion, motivation, progression, and knowledge, KisP inspires and enlightens. We’re committed to using as much organic and environmentally friendly products to keep this little place called earth a better place to live.

We start with a thought, an idea, a dream and then begin to construct a reality as all of these visions materialize. We don’t cut corners. We don’t skip steps. We don’t settle for less. We do everything ourselves ensuring optimum quality. Our Business is Clothing. Our Mission is Empowerment. Our Dream is Endless..

There are a lot of nice things out there but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. Look into the things you buy. Make informed choices that go beyond a price tag. Demand to know everything about what you’re buying since after all, it is your hard earned money.

So what sets KisP apart from the crowd? KisP was founded on an idea. A dream of a potential reality. Something immaterial that requires materialization. We want to be recognized for our message, our values, our philosophy, and not just our clothes; which is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread by the way.

Ambition, passion, motivation, progression, and knowledge. There’s a lot going on right there. What are we trying to say by founding upon these beliefs? We want today’s active young adults to be forward-thinking, powerful voices in the world. Corporate America isn’t the supreme beauty it once was and it is up to us to inspire change.

Not Obama’s change. We’ll leave that to the big man himself. Do something with meaning. Use your once dormant ambition and motivation to do something you are passionate about. Try something new. Be progressive. Demand more from yourself. Expect nothing less than exactly what you set out for in the first place.

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