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On a Roll

By the time anyone reads this, this will mostly likely be a bit of old news since this site won’t be launched until the beginning of May. Nonetheless, I’ve gone through about five different websites now and none of them ever seem to have what I’m looking for completely. I’ve decided that I wasted money going through a hosting company when all I need is this Tumblr site and Storenvy. These two social networking sites have absolutely everything I need; a store and a place to connect with everyone. I’ve just been using Storenvy which is great but unless I’m directly connecting with someone else on that site, outside users I feel are being neglected. This is why I’ve decided to incorporate Tumblr into the schematics. Through Tumblr,I have a blog again (!!!) and I can connect more with those who are interested in what KisP and yours truly has to say. Hopefully this system works out because I really like what I’m seeing. Another great feature of Tumblr is I can change the looks of the site quite often with great ease. Oh boy I’m excited.

Hope everyone is ready for a wild ride!

Peace and Love,