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great business initiative, organic cotton is even greater!!!!

Thank you so much! Organic cotton is the way to go

Tribute to my boys

Track: Hold On (produced by Rusko)
Artist: Sam Adams

Showin’ some love for Boston Boy’s newest track

Hello World

The OG himself (me) is back at school now. I’m working hard academically and just as hard to provide KisP’s newly established motto, “Simple Streetwear with a Powerful Purpose” to the world. Recently released the new line of tees. You asked for some color, KisP decided to brighten up your life. KisP is about simplicity and enjoying and protecting the simple things in life. The current fad is all about crazyyy birhgt 80’s style colors and very busy graphics. Not at KisP. We go against the grain and focus on what is important; comfortable clothing that delivers a message without getting in your face about it. We started with simple white tees and black ink to get our name out there. Now we’ve hand picked some nice colors to add some variety.

Our fall collection will most likely also be considered our winter collection. Might add a few new color options to spice up the spring. Our newest expansion for the the coming months with be printing beanies and headbands(early 2011) and then working on some polo-style shirts and tank tops for the spring and summer months. Available for both guys and girls and you better believe they’ll be organic. The beanies and headbands aren’t organic yet, but I’m looking hard and won’t make these available for sale until I find some. I’m pretty sure they are made out of polyester so I’ll look for something with a little recycled material to it.

HOMETOWN HOLLA: Shout out to Al Deezy from the 603eezy. Check out his newest edit and a couple of shots he’s got on the KisP Facebook page.

SUPERSUPERSPECIAL OF THE (every other)WEEK: Introducing our newest promotion! Every other Tuesday will be one of the following 12Dollar Tuesdays, 20Dollar Tuesdays or 30Dollar Tuesdays.

12Dollar Tuesdays: One tee will be reduced down to $12. $2 from every sale will be donated to a foundation who supports the environment.

20Dollar Tuesdays: One Crew-Style sweatshirt will be available for $20. $2 from every sale will be donated to a foundation who supports the environment.

30Dollar Tuesdays: One Hooded Sweatshirt will be available for $30. $2 from every sale will be donated to a foundation who supports the environment.

ALSO, FashionablyFree Fridays will happen when I’m feelin’ real good. Buy one get ones, buy a hoodie get a tee, buy two get ones. Who knows what’ll be up my sleeve.

Hope that’s enough to keep you occupied. Go do some good. As always, feel free to contact me at any time. Note; Friday and Saturday nights not recommended but if you insist…

Peace and Love,


Respect Talent →

Muh boi reppin’ the East and throwin’ down in the West…y’all best recognize and check this link out

Track: Electric Touch (Steve1der & Mighty Mi Remix)
Artist: Kanye West

This mixtape is a good listen if you dig remixes and Kanye on a good day

Simple Streetwear
With A
Powerful Purpose
KisP Clothing Company

Right On Time

So finally I’ve gotten things in order. All the new tees are printed up and just need to have their pictures taken. I’m about halfway through so this weekend everything should be finalized. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to put my pretty lady to work and get some model shots so y’all can see what these sick tees look like on someone. I hope everyone is as pumped as I am. Got a whole line up of color tees, long sleeve tees, hoodies, crew necks, and zip hoodies. Still got a ton of bandanas available and I’ll  be continuing to develop the tall tees for all those who want some added steez. Beanies and headbands are the next thing to come for this fall/winter.

Anyone like the idea of a release party? I sure do. Don’t know where or when but I always love gettin a good crew together and just enjoyin each others’ company and partyin like there’s no tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

just out of curiosity, do you guys sell sweatshirts or what? i've seen a few people rocking them, and i would love to get my hands on one!

Coming soon…just need to get a few more things in order. If there’s a design that you’d like to see on a sweatshirt, you can custom order one. It’s only $5 more than what you will see on the website and you get to pick from our available colors both for the sweatshirt and the design on the sweatshirt. Otherwise the new goodies should be up real soon and I can get back to you so you know when to check. Hope this helps!